New Accessories for Cliff

The warm weather is FINALLY here!

Okay, so yes it is raining at the moment… BUT it’s definitely warmer than it was a few weeks ago.

In the garden the roses and honeysuckle are starting to flower and the garden smells amazing. And the cats are loving the sunshine…

This sunshine means flipflops, sunglasses, the smell of sun cream, evening walks on the beach and relaxed meals in the garden.

I’ve also been using this beautiful weather to add a few more touches to the campervan.

I’ve put a coat of fresh paint on the bumpers and they’re looking pretty awesome now. I’ve ¬†attached the new rear-view mirror which I was given for my birthday (which is possibly the best mirror EVER?!) and also ordered some new mats for the cab from Rugs for Bugs. I am beyond excited for these to arrive! I’ve ordered the full cab set which includes cab mat, kick panels, seat sides, seat tubs, walk through and heater gaiter. I’ve chosen to go for the sisal material to tie in with the matting in the back of the van. I know that I’ll need to wait until the mats arrive to give a final review of them but the service so far has been amazing. Really prompt response to my initial emails and samples were sent to me when I wasn’t sure which colour of matting would match the existing matting.

That’s the main update for now! I’ll keep you posted on the mat arrival!

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