Cliffs’ Restoration

The beginning

I bought Cliff the VW Campervan in 2013 and knew I wanted to redo the interior to some extent. Some of the interior I thought I could work with, the structural part of it. I intended to just tidy up the upholstery.



But the longer I spent driving around in the campervan the more I realised that I wasn’t happy with any of the interior. It hadn’t been finished to a good standard and there seemed to be lots of cut corners and rushed finishes. So I took the plunge and gutted the whole interior. And I mean everything. Seats, flooring and wall lining.




The middle

From there I took it to my awesome mechanic Doktor Dub to do what we thought was just a little bit of body work. As work was started it became apparent that a lot of filler had been used in previous restoration. This meant a big job to get Cliff back to a good condition during which time I was sent lots of  photo updates on the progress (see below!)




Once the body work was done I had a new and improved curved L-shaped bench seat made to allow comfortable seating and a great place for photos!

Next the stunning new upholstery went in and everything came together!

The beginning again

After over two years and lots of love and attention Cliff has become luxurious and comfortable and perfect for your special day.

And although the restoration project is finished it is an exciting new beginning for Minty’s wheels as it starts to transport people to weddings, proms, special birthdays and other exciting events.




Because really what better way for you to begin celebrating a big event than by travelling there in style!





Minty’s Wheels is really excited to be able to help to make your celebration unforgettable.





To see more images of what Cliff looks like now go to our gallery.


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